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(The Academic Library experience, and its legacy, via Top Five Takeaways | PIL @ A Glance)

Now, what do we do about it?  Some brainstorms, just off of the top of my head:

1. Push for research instruction for all students.

2. Actively embed ourselves in the research projects of faculty.  If faculty trusts us, they will recommend us to their students.

3. Offer “senior survival” courses that help with solving information problems post-graduation.

4. Embed ourselves in the practical information network of our campuses— Student Services, Bursar’s Office, internships, activities.  Often academic libraries get pigeonholed as “for research only,” when a college or university student will have a whole host of information needs that are beyond the realm of classwork.

Disclaimer: I no longer work as an academic librarian.  I would like to hear opinions from academic librarians themselves— am I way off?  Did I miss something?